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Kristen is an ERYT-500 and has primarily taught Vinyasa yoga since 2009 and was initially attracted to this discipline due to connection of breath with movement of the body. However, she is also trained in hot yoga, yoga with weights, TRX, Gentle, Yin & pre natal yoga as well as guided meditation. Her strengths as an instructor include being able to teach clarity of asanas with in any size class, offering different modifications/intensifications for different levels of practice, educating students on postural alignment and never making yoga appear intimidating. She places emphasis on making yoga one's own and encourages individuals to take their practice to a level in which they feel comfortable and safe, yet challenged.


Private Sessions


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" I think that teaching a yoga class is an art. It’s all about matching the energy of the room, understanding where your students are, and creating an experience for them through movement, music, heat, verbal cues, etc. What I want to express about Kristen is that I have found that it’s somewhat of a rarity to find an instructor that can pull it all off.  She…nails it. Kristen brings all of the aspects of the practice together and creates a masterful flow where students can challenge themselves and lose themselves in the experience. I always look forward to her classes and I’m so grateful for her and what she brings to the mat." ~Tess M. (Dedicated Practitioner, Yoga Instructor) 2023

"My wife, daughters and I have been devotees of  Kristen for over a decade. We all love her Vinyasa "Yoga Flow", "Slow Flow" and "Power Flow" classes. While we have been her students for years, we are continually learning and growing our practices. As Kristen regularly introduces new information and poses to us, she focuses on correct form and is not afraid to assist students to help us find correct alignment. Kristen also offers words of inspiration and wisdom, teaching us new and different aspects of yoga philosophy and theory as well as meditation and mindfulness techniques. We are truly fortunate to have Kristen in our midst." ~Michael T. (Dedicated Yoga Practitioner) 2019

"Kristen is passionate about her work and so gracefully shares it with her students. Her classes are always such a blissful mix of movement and meditation, with a touch of inspiration and grounding. She truly brings a natural and effortless talent to each and every class which is so rare to come by. I have had the pleasure of attending a few private events that Kristen has led and I could not imagine anything more touching and personal. I feel so incredibly grateful to have met Kristen through the yoga community." ~Michelle B. (Dedicated Yoga Practitioner) 2018

"When I first started my yoga practice, I was immediately drawn to Kristen for many reasons. She not only has a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom, but also a special talent for being able to share and clearly communicate that knowledge and wisdom to her students. She is so helpful in preparing my mind for each practice, and through her instruction, has continually helped my yoga practice grow with each class. One of my favorite things about her guidance in class is simply listening to her voice. She is both calming and encouraging at the same time. She has a powerful command of the class, and I am really motivated by her as she leads us through our poses. She also composes very fun, creative flows that are very well balanced, and her cadence is perfect. As impossible as it seems, I always come out of her class thinking,.. 'That was exactly what I needed!' " ~Michael W. (Dedicated Practitioner) 2017

"Kristen is an amazing yoga instructor who makes even the most novice practitioner feel comfortable. Her class was the first formal yoga class I'd ever taken and she continues to be my standard for yoga teachers today (years later). Her style is unmistakable, the sequences she designs are addictive because they strike a perfect balance between cardio, strength and sweet stretching. She works up to a peak posture and always offers variations to accommodate different levels of experience. Her classes are fun and often full and for good reason, she's an incredible instructor." ~Kendall P. (Dedicated Practitioner)" 2016


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